Safe Holiday Travels BeeHive Home Care New Mexico

Safe Holiday Travels

The holidays are here, which means many families will be scheduling upcoming travel plans. Being prepared can be the key to safe holiday travels.

Families everywhere travel during the holiday season to spend time with loved ones. As enjoyable as these times are, travel can be hard on all of us, especially the elderly. Caring for senior family members should be a priority when you are planning holiday travel.

If you are the primary caregiver for your elderly family member and they are not able to travel with you, short-term at-home care can provide caregiving services while you’re away. Known as respite care, our trained caregivers can be there in your place. With respite care, a BeeHive Home Care caregiver will take the time to get to know and care for your loved one, ensuring you have peace of mind while you’re away for the holidays.

If the senior is able to travel with you, it may seem daunting to them. BeeHive Home Care is here with a few helpful tips to be prepared and make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Plan Accordingly: We suggest always having a game plan before traveling with elderly family members. Consider writing a schedule to discuss with your loved one. Including them in these plans will help them feel prepared and less anxious.

  • Stay Organized: Packing their suitcase and needed items may be more than they can manage. Tell them that you’ll organize any necessary items such as medications, medical records, medical equipment, etc. Ask them what clothing items they’d like or offer a few comfortable things to choose from.

  • Ask for Help: When traveling, airlines will make special accommodations for your loved ones to board early. If your family member doesn’t currently use a wheelchair, many home medical equipment companies will rent one. If your destination is an urban area, renting an electric scooter could also help with transportation. But if for any reason the senior members of your family are unable to come along for holiday travels, call the home care providers at BeeHive Home Care for respite care.

BeeHive Home Care in New Mexico will be right beside your loved one while they celebrate life this holiday season. Reach out to our experienced team of caregivers today for more information.

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