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Health Baselines

As you age, it’s important to keep track of certain things related to your health to ensure you live a long, happy, healthy life and can live independently at home for many years. You can establish health baselines with your doctor as you approach retirement; that way, you have something to compare to as you age. Here are a few numbers that are important to monitor for your health and wellbeing as an elderly individual.  

Health Baselines:

  • Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is more common than you think. It’s crucial to monitor blood pressure, as consistently high numbers can lead to heart disease and stroke. Blood pressure can be monitored by a physician or at home with an inexpensive blood pressure monitor. Jot the readings down so you can compare them to what your physician records. 
  • Waist to Height Ratio: We all know that weight and BMI (body mass index) can greatly impact your health, especially as you age. Excess weight, specifically around the midsection, can be a huge health risk. Researchers recommend a waist circumference of less than half your height. 
  • C-reactive Protein: Your CRP is a marker for inflammation. Studies have found that lower CRP levels were associated with longer lifespans. Your doctor can perform a test to check CRP levels. Exercise, weight loss and your diet also affect CRP levels. 
  • A1C: A1C tests are blood tests that measure your average blood sugar levels. A1C is one of the most common tests used to detect diabetes. A1C can be managed with healthy eating habits. Studies have shown that a consistently normal A1C increases life expectancy.  

Monitoring your health as time passes is imperative. The above steps are only a few of many that need to be taken to provide a long and healthy life. At BeeHive Home Care of New Mexico, we aim to provide the best home care for our seniors. Our in-home caretakers are there to help you be your healthiest self every step of the way. 

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